Week 1 homework

Three things I learned from reading material

  1. TCP/IP is a communication protocol that defines how data should be transmitted over the Internet. dns is the domain name system. http is the hypertext transfer protocol is an application protocol.
  2. HTML 1 Hypertext Markup Language is the main web markup language and the first language to become available on the web. It was formed in 1991.
  3. HTML is a markup language that consists of a number of elements that can make the result simple or complex.

Area that I’m interesting

The area that I’m interested in is Art. Jessie Wilcox Smith is one of my favorite artists, she was a very famous illustrator, famous during the golden age of American illustration and known as one of the greatest pure illustrators. She worked for many magazines of the time for 17 years.

Through soft lines and colors became the childhood of many children.Her usual job was to draw and collect the materials needed to draw and deal with magazines.

What I love about this job is that there is a great magic in painting, different emotions can be expressed through different colors and lines in a way that words cannot. It can be a source of relief or emotion for people.

Here's the link for her facebook.

link for facebook

what I would like to do for your semester project

The project I want to do this semester is a drawing collection. After my search and research, I found that there is no website that collects and introduces all the painting styles, styles, history, and timeline. For me, it would be more helpful to have such a website.So I would like to create such a website that includes all forms of painting and classifies the styles.