Web writing principles

Writing Outwardly

The McDonald's ordering page explains Writing Outwardly very well. it clearly lists the different generalization options, and there are many branches when you click in. Very easy to choose.

Webpage for Mcdonalds

Not burying the lead.

I think this site is very brief, it only has 2 options: search, and follow the account. It is focused, so it doesn't seem cumbersome at all. This allows me to use it without spending a lot of time.

Webpage for Picular

Not saying too much.

I think google is a really good example for no saying too much.Because it's concise enough, and clear enough. I can easily catch the point of the page. Because there aren't many options on the home page, it's easy to find what I'm looking for.

Webpage for google

Making a strong call to action.

This one page is a donation page for World Animal Protection (WWF). I think the call to action from this page is very clear. It clearly gives me different options about timing, about amounts. This gives greater convenience to people who want to donate.

Webpage for WWF