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Yiwen Yin

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Megan Rose Cox

Other student's website


final website under "final project-work in progress" at the bottom of the page

3 Strongest Aspects about their Site

    1. First of all, I really like the idea of this website, it's very original and interesting at the same time. At the same time it is very easy to build, but there are many things that can be entered.
      I like the picture wall on the website, it gives a very rich visual effect and if I see this page, I will definitely be interested to continue browsing.
      I like the submission page here, the information is detailed and easy to use with no distracting options or images.
  • 3 Area that need improvement

    1. I think the color of the background and although it matches the sunset very well, the color is so close that it may cause the image to blend in with the background after it is uploaded. So I think maybe the background could be changed to highlight the picture.
      I think maybe a search page is needed to allow people who use the site to search for the images they need. A few keywords could be set and I think that would make this site easier to be appreciated.
      I think maybe there could be an additional page for categories, which could be categorized by color, time and place to distinguish different kinds of photos. This would make it easier to search.