Conversations with Robots: Voice, Smart Agents & the Case for Structured Content

  1. What is the difference between structured content and semantic HTML?

    Structured content allows content publishers to ensure that their content is both accessible and accurate in these new environments, and semantic HTML makes it easy for developers to read and write more elegant code while allowing browsers to parse it well, based on the structure of the content, by choosing the right tags. This allows pages to be rendered with a good content structure even without css.
  2. How do they work together?

    It is common to show the use of structuring to construct the general framework and later use semantics to fill in the details.
  3. Why is it important to have structured content and semantic HTML in your web pages?

    HTML structure semantics, is only in the last few years, the previous html structure, are a bunch of cold tags without semantics. In order to change this situation, developers and officials proposed the concept of making HTML structure semantic.Not only is it easy to read and write for yourself. It is also easy for others to read your code and structure to understand, even for some people who are not doing web development.

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Banishing Your Inner Critic & Procrastination

  1. Denise Jacobs argues that we all have a troll-like inner critic. Of the methods she identifies to banish this troll, which would be most successful for you? Why?

    I think what works for me is to shift my thinking and focus, because when I'm overly focused on something and it's not working, I get very anxious and I get into a negative cycle. So what I need to do at this time is to shift my attention and thinking to escape this cycle.
  2. In David McRaney's article, what is "hyperbolic discounting"? List one method McRaney identifies to counteract hyperbolic discounting. Which would work best for you?

    The tendency to become more rational when you are forced to wait is called hyperbolic discounting because your neglect of better returns decreases over time and creates a nice slope on the chart. What I feel works for me is how to handle deadlines properly. I always make it a habit to finish all my assignments at the last minute, which leads to me not being able to finish them all when there are a lot of them. I think this situation would be greatly improved if I set my own deadlines for each assignment.