Spider-Man, whose full name is Peter Benjamin Parker, is an ordinary student in the United States who became a reporter for the Daily Bugle after graduation. Gained spider-like superpowers, superhuman stamina, reflexes, agility, and speed after being accidentally bitten by a radioactively infected spider. And invented the spider web launcher, from then on, the incarnation of Spider-Man guarding New York.

Spider-Man has never given up on being a hero. In fact, he does not need to be a hero, he is not an inhuman or a mutant who needs to fight for his own race, he does not need to deal with economic opponents for his own business and his own life, and he does not need to fight evil as a symbol of the United States. But he still became a hero.

Spider-Man is imperfect and has his flaws, but it's those flaws that make up the Marvel Universe. Marvel's diversification, many heroes have their own unique ways, but looking at Marvel, after seeing all the heroes with "colorful" colors and abilities, I still prefer the simple and honest Spider-Man

Content repurposed from Wikipedia for Spider man