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Link example of a violation of number

In this web page, there’s a Visual element that looks like a button under the page

link to an example of a violation of number 6

How can framing your project in a story format help you refine your ideas?

All great stories are not random, but are conceived in advance. Among the essential steps are: story panels, story arcs and story modes. Then with these in place, the heart of the story, the level of cooperation of the group and the power of emotion can be added to round out the story even more.

I believe that when creating a story, you should first build the framework and later inject the core to give the story an outline. Then add emotion to make the audience feel empathy, and finally listen to the team's suggestions to make the story more logical and easier to convince others.

What are different ways to establish hierarchy (or emphasis) in typography design?

Typography is like a second language, communicating on a more subtle level beyond the actual words. The actual content is what you say, but the typography is how you say it, and it's what makes the first impression. Typography creates an experience before the audience even reads a word or clicks a menu button. Typography doesn't just tell a story; it creates an atmosphere and an emotional response, much like the tone of voice.

The typographic hierarchy is a subset of the visual hierarchy. Typographic hierarchies align text so that important words are easily prioritized for the audience that is viewing the information. Without this hierarchy, every letter and word in the design would look the same. The design should be visually appealing. Fonts support at least three hierarchies. 01. First level hierarchy.

a link to a good example of hierarchy.

Creative Brief

Question:When I am collecting different art types, how do I use the correct interpretation and what symbolic images should I use as a representation.

Audience:Those who need to know about the different art types, this site will make it easier for them to look up the type of art they need.

Competition: The usual browser can look up all the concepts of painting types and examples, but the browser has no way to place them into categories.

Key information: the different art types, including an introduction, history, symbolic figures, and examples of works.

Call to action: I hope people can learn more about the different types of art. In my life, a lot of people will talk about similar types of art together and think they are actually one thing. I think people who are interested in art need to understand them.

How to measure success: I need to collect a lot of different types of paintings and group them into big columns to make it easier for everyone to find them.