Six Thinking Hats

Discussion for each hat.

After having a hat discussion with my friend about my project, we came to the following conclusion.

White hat

For me, if I want to collect paintings from all different countries and from different countries, eras. It's really a huge amount of information. For me, it would be almost impossible to accomplish.

Red Hat

I just chose this direction through intuition. I love different kinds of paintings and I'm very interested in them. That's what drove me to complete this project.

Black Hat

Black Hat is about judgment and discretion. In this project of mine, I didn't think about the future hits of this website, maybe most people don't need this website, because this website is scientific and professional in nature, maybe people who are not interested won't click on it.

Yellow Hat

I am interested in and know a lot about painting. I think people should be more exposed to this aspect and thus learn more.

Green Hat

I think this site should include more than just paintings, maybe more art. For example, sculpture, origami, paper cutting, light and shadow art, etc., so as to add richness to the site.

Blue Hat

With the blue hat on, I realized that maybe I was going in the wrong direction altogether. I shouldn't have focused on one aspect with art. This would not only increase the amount of information and inconvenience to myself, but also make the site monotonous.

Changed based on your discussion.

After the discussion, I decided to make big changes to my project. First, I decided not to focus on collecting paintings, but to collect all the famous art forms in history. This not only reduces the amount of information, but also increases the richness of the site.

Secondly, I will remove the creator option and change it to country. Each country has representative art, and I can collect information about these representative art in detail. Or, I would focus on just one country and describe in detail all the information about that country, from customs to language, from ancient times to the present.