What are the advantages and disadvantages of sketching wireframes over wireframe software?

When you use software, it's easy to pay too much attention to completeness and aesthetics. But don't focus too much on the appearance of the wireframe. Wireframes are not the final design. They don't need to look and feel like the final product. It won't produce a real solution. So, draw wireframes in a way that strives to make them work, and that makes it easy to communicate your ideas.

At the same time don't cling to your personal ideas. It may be hard to give up on something that you have spent a lot of time on. But the important thing is that wireframes are drawn out before. You need to try many different options and then choose the one that best fits the problem.

Write a paragraph on which type of wireframing style would work best with your project and why.

I think the 3M Innovation Website type of wireframing style is more appropriate for my project. This website prototype image example is an attachment to http://3M.com and is responsive in design. The wireframe presents the digital home of the global physical innovation center and highlights the new technologies that allow 3M Innovation to drive human development and potential discovery. So it is easy to search for the desired content on the page.

My Wireframing Sketch